ABCC to return

The Senate has, only hours ago, passed the Federal Government’s Bill to re-establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).

The Commission will replace the current office of Fair Work Building and Construction and will boast greater powers to stop union thuggery.

Amendments have been negotiated to pass the Bill including the introduction of a Federal Working Group on Security of Payment – with union representation – and changes that will demand the review of all enterprise agreements within the next two year to reflect the provisions of the Building Code 2014.

The Bill must still pass the House of Representatives and gain Royal Assent, but its passing marks considerable achievement by Master Builders Australia.

The passing of the Bill is a win for the community, taxpayers and people who work in the building and construction industry, Master Builders Australia Chief Executive Wilhelm Harnsich said.

“The community as the tax payer is the real winner because it means that schools, hospitals and roads will now cost considerably less to construct,” he said.

“The restoration of the ABCC should greatly assist in normalising workplace behaviours on Australia’s construction sites. Construction workers, small subcontractors and everyone else in the supply chain can have the confidence of going to work every day without fear of being intimidated and bullied.

“Master Builders thanks Prime Minister Turnbull and his Government, particularly the Employment Minister Hon Michaelia Cash, for their determination to restore the rule of law in one of the critical sectors of the economy. Master Builders also thanks the crossbench, particularly Senators Hanson, Xenophon, Leyonhjelm and their respective teams who have been crucial and without them the ABCC would never have been restored. Builders around the country are grateful that they have stood up for the industry.

“The passing of the ABCC bills marks the start of a new chapter for the industry and an end to the days where the community is paying more than it needs to for schools, hospitals and roads simply because building unions think they are above the law.

“The various amendments to the ABCC Bills will take some time for the industry to absorb and Master Builders will work with the Government and other parties to arrive at a set of practical arrangements for their implementation.

“There is nothing to fear from the restoration of the ABCC. The ABCC is simply asking for all parties on construction sites to behave lawfully and to treat everyone with respect whether they be union, contractor, subcontractor or supplier, male or female.”

This full release is available here.