What if there was a way to conduct detailed site inspections, take accurate ground measurements, monitor project change, see detailed land and building information, and access years of historical imagery without ever leaving your office? With MetroMap’s aerial imagery subscription service, you can do all of that and so much more.

MetroMap gives you super high-resolution and spatially accurate aerial imagery covering over 8.5 million Australian dwellings and millions of square kilometers, all within an easy-to-use web browser platform. Site planning, monitoring, and assessment have never been easier than opening MetroMap, finding the site you’re interested in, and using the in-built tools to get the information you need.

Use MetroMap’s measurement tools for ground distances, areas, and perimeters. Download MetroMap imagery with a choice of size and quality from a simple screenshot to a large, high-resolution image in a range of formats, and all georeferenced data. Create projects and save them to your profile so it’s available on any device with a web browser.

MetroMap’s additional layers give you specific details on existing properties and buildings. Get zoning, size and area figures, detailed roof information, and other features from Geoscape’s trusted building footprint data. Cadastre records provide land category and government jurisdiction information.

Wind back the clock with decades of archival imagery of Australian capital cities. See how a building or site has changed over the years, or even monitor your own projects over time. MetroMap captures imagery of capital cities and major towns 2-4 times per annum, so you can even see recent changes.

The best part is, MBASA members save 20% off their MetroMap subscription. Get started with a 7 Day Free Trial (www.metromap.com.au/trial) or claim the offer through the MBASA Members Benefit Page (www.mbasa.com.au/metromap)