February 2018

Angus Bell is a third year apprentice carpenter currently working for Richard Hayden Carpentry.

Angus became an apprentice because he tried university for a while and realised it wasn’t for him. Angus began to work with some family who are tradesman and really enjoyed the work.

Angus enjoys being outside every day and working in different locations. Angus also likes learning new techniques and problem solving tasks.

Angus would like to continue to do his second fix and eaves for a while eventually starting his own business and employing apprentices.

Angus would like to thank his Field Coordinator Gareth for the nomination and Richard Hayden for employing him for the past two years and training him well and trusting him to work independently on site. And thanks to Banner Mitre 10 for the $100 gift voucher.

Safety means that Angus gets to home every night uninjured and his future health is not at risk

Angus has shown that he is extremely competent carpenter over the past year. He is very reliable and follows instruction well. No doubt Angus will become and exceptionally good tradesman by the time he completes his apprentice and will have a very bright future in the building trade.

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