Want to be $110,000+ ahead of Uni Grads after your apprenticeship? Become a bricklayer.

When it comes to employability and earning potential – a trade often comes out on top.

Choosing to become a bricklayer will put you financially ahead of a university graduate after three years of study. By your third year as an apprentice, you will be approx. $110,000 ahead of your university counterpart.

According to TopUniversities.com, depending on the degree, university students are paying between $6,000 and $10,000 each year to study. An apprentice, on the other hand, is paid by their employer, so as a graduate, you will finish without any study debt.

University students are generally relying on unskilled casual work whilst paying upfront for courses – even when there is no specific or guaranteed job prospect at the end of a student’s study. It is estimated that it takes a university graduate 4.7 years to find a full time position in their industry of study.

Master Builders SA offers apprentices the opportunity to earn whilst you learn – this gives you the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge in your chosen trade whilst you earn a wage, even whilst at trade school!

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