January 2018

Blake is a mature-age first year apprentice with Master Builders SA. Blake has had careers in various industries and was looking for a new and sustainable path. Having a trade qualification that will be useful for the rest of his career was also important.

Blake enjoys being in an industry where something is built from the ground up, or restored inside and out by professionals who he can learn from.

When qualified Blake would like to have my own small business & continue to expand on the skills he is currently learning.

“I would like to thank my host employers Geoff Fairweather and James Davies for giving me this opportunity, along with my family for supporting me and Master Builders SA for employing me.”

Blake is a hardworking mature-aged Carpentry apprentice. He consistently does his daily “Take-5” form with great detail and attention to site safety hazards. He performs well on site and demonstrates a practical skill level beyond the expectation of a first-year apprentice. Blake is a great communicator and follows all of Master Builders SA’s policies and procedures and in doing so has been awarded Apprentice of the month for January.

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