Buch Constructions

June 2018

Buch Constructions currently have 8 carpenters and 3 partners in the office. On top of this they currently have 5 MBA apprentices placed in the field.

Buch have been in the industry for 30+ years and mainly do subcontract carpentry for commercial projects e.g. apartments, hospitals, government offices etc and a small number of residential general construction & carpentry projects.  The types of carpentry services they provide are:

  • fit out including timber door/frame & sundry h/ware supply & install,
  • timber wall, floor & roof framing,
  • custom timber works (e.g. flooring, stair cladding, podiums, outdoor timber pergolas, furniture & screening).
They have hired MBA apprentices since 1995 and have been members since 1992 first as Central Carpentry Contractors then as Buch Constructions since 2002 – 26 years.

They believe the  biggest benefit in utilising MBA GTO apprentices is the flexibility to adjust labour resources to suit the amount, type and frequency of project labour needs which fluctuate greatly.  In general the quality of the apprentices they believe is very good they have hired over the years. It is also a significant benefit to them that MBA GTO handles all the procurement, signup paperwork, ongoing training and human resource issues rather than if they directly hired apprentices.  This allows them to concentrate on the core issues of running a business in a very competitive industry.

Most of there work in recent years has been with Hansen Yuncken (Flinders Medical Centre, Port Adelaide Offices at 107 Nile St, nRAH, Health Innovations Building, Lyell McEwin Health Service, Women’s & Childrens Hospital, RAAF Edinburgh), Hindmarsh Constructions(UniSA City West Campus,B Apartments Bowden,  , BMD Constructions & Built Environs carrying out Carpentry Works & Door Package subcontracts.

As pictured: Jim Burke (Leading hand) and Cris Buch (Director)

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