Builders Back Coalition Commitment To Transparency For Registered Organisations

Master Builders Australia welcomes the Coalition’s commitment to clean up unions and improve levels of transparency and accountability in registered organisations.

“Master Builders has consistently supported an independent Registered Organisations Commission (ROC) since it was first proposed and welcome the additional measures which adopt some of the recommendations from the Heydon Royal Commission,” Master Builders Australia CEO Wilhelm Harnisch said.

“The Royal Commission spent months examining the building and construction industry and over one third of its final report was devoted to building unions and their disregard for the law.

“A ROC, along with the ABCC, will help address the culture of lawlessness, improve transparency, and generate benefits for business, workers and the community generally


“There is no rational reason why unions and their officials shouldn’t play by the same rules as companies and their directors.

“Workers and members deserve to know where their hard earned money is going and that those representing them are honest and looking out for member’s interests, not personal interests.

“Those who do the right thing and act with honesty and integrity will have nothing to fear from these proposals and they should be welcomed by all without reservation.

“Only those doing the wrong thing, acting unlawfully, or who have something to hide, will oppose this announcement.

“We call on all other parties to adopt this commitment so that whoever forms the next Federal Government can implement them.

“Master Builders also calls on both parties to commit to the establishment of an Industrial Relations Consultative Working Group comprised of employer representatives and unions to provide implementation guidance and advice to the next Government.

“Changing workplace laws is not easy and consultation with peak bodies, such as Master Builders is essential in making sure they are implemented and take effect properly right from the start.”

The full release is available here.