Building Excellence Award Winners 2018

Excellence in Commercial/Industrial Building up to $2m

Winner – South Coast Constructions Pty Ltd

A difficult site, made more so, by adverse weather and the need to provide drainage solutions to existing and new works. The identification and resolution of potentially serious safety issues regarding the gas design, demonstrated the builders care and expertise and the new build was extremely well finished by South Coast Constructions.

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Excellence in Commercial/Industrial Building $2m to $5m

Winner – Sarah Constructions Pty Ltd

Sarah Constructions delivered an excellent building and the judges were impressed by the quality of the highly detailed precast wall panels and brickwork that dominate the exterior of the building. Despite delays, as a result of latent soil conditions, the builder delivered the project 4 weeks ahead of a tight schedule.

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Excellence in Commercial/Industrial Building $5m to $10m

Winner – Mossop Construction+Interiors

Mossop Construction plus Interiors, was required to fit out the 1st floor, which included rooms with complex medical services. Safety and environmental considerations were dealt with in great detail and with excellent outcomes. The client expressed their delight in relation to the way Mossop Construction plus Interiors conducted themselves throughout the entire preconstruction and construction phase.

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Excellence in Commercial/Industrial Building $10m to $20m

Winner – Kennett Builders Pty Ltd

A multi-faceted project finished extremely well and to the complete satisfaction of the client. The long lead times for many components of the project, particularly the fully imported glass house, was managed expertly by the professional team at Kennett Builders.

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Excellence in Commercial/Industrial Building $20m to $50m

Winner – Mossop Construction+Interior

In a very competitive field where many entries achieved a level of excellence, this project emerged a worthy winner. It scored highly in all the assessment criteria, particularly in the standard of finishes, value for money and a delighted client. Mossop’s rose to the many challenges associated with this complex project and demonstrated how a collaborative approach between client, builder, consultants and trades is a win, win all round.

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Excellence in Commercial/Industrial Building $50m to $100m

Winner – Built Environs Pty Ltd

From the outset, this project was tackled in a very professional manner. Built Environs was required to demolish two large buildings alongside a heritage building. Great initiative was shown in construction methodology, absorbing additional work throughout the project and finally achieving an excellent standard of finishes. This project was a worthy winner in this category and achieved a very high score.

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Excellence in Commercial/Industrial Building over $100m – Landmark Projec

Winner – Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd

The combination of a new building and the refurbishment of another, on an environmentally sensitive site, was handled with exceptional expertise by a young and very enthusiastic team at Hansen Yuncken. The incredible achievement of completing this work in a very tight programme, is testament to how well this project was planned and executed. Hansen Yuncken scored highly across all assessment criteria and the judges had difficulty in faulting the workmanship. An accolade from the client topped off this very high scoring project.


Excellence in a Commercial Fit-Out up to $5m

Winner – SHAPE Australia Pty Ltd

The internal finishes of this project are extraordinary and the detail in the joinery is of furniture quality. The difficulty that SHAPE experienced in setting out joinery, ceiling and floor coverings on a radial grid added complexity to the project making this a very demanding undertaking. SHAPE was innovative by recommending that automotive finish powder coating be used to replicate solid brass elements in the facility, achieving the same appearance but requiring lower maintenance at a lower cost. SHAPE has produced an iconic facility.

Excellence in a Commercial Fit-Out over $5m

Winner – Sarah Constructions Pty Ltd

This entry covered numerous separate projects within the Uni of Adelaide Campus. Most were locked within existing operating buildings and some had heritage issues as well. Sarah Constructions was applauded by the client for the continuing discreet work of each project occurring with minimal disruption to the working university. Of particular note, was the proactive approach the team took to matters raised by the University, that weren’t necessarily within their scope of work and they consistently met all key dates set by the Uni.

Excellence in a Commercial Refurbishment/Redevelopment up to $5m

Winner – Kym Clarke General Builders Pty Ltd

Kym Clarke General Builders completely renovated this cellar door restaurant. The work was completed by directly employed staff of Kym Clarke General Builders with only the services in the building being subcontracted out. The judges were extremely impressed with the stone masonry and the carpentry. Approximately 20,000 stones were cut to ensure that jointing was consistent, while the carpentry, joinery and furniture were all completed to extremely high standards. The collaboration between the builder and the owner was exemplary and Kym.

Excellence in a Commercial Refurbishment/Redevelopment over $5m

Winner – Chappell Builders Pty Ltd

The ability to coordinate with the client and existing shop owners to carry out this extensive build while keeping the shopping centre functioning was a key to the success of the project. The timeliness, glowing client reaction and wonderful workmanship gave this project the edge in a highly competitive category. Congratulations Chappell Builders.

Sponsor: Master Builders Australia

Excellence in Civil/Engineering Construction

Winner – Sarah Constructions Pty Ltd

This difficult, once in a lifetime project, was handled expertly by the project team at Sarah Constructions, providing the zoo with a highly successful outcome. A remote site inside a working free-range zoo, completed ahead of program and exceeding the clients expectations is a credit to the builder and their team.

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Excellence in Retirement Living/Aged Care

Winner – Mossop Construction+Interiors

This was a very fiercely contested category with many excellent entries being submitted. Mossop Construction plus Interiors performed exceptionally across all assessment criteria. This building was on a difficult site with a residential interface. Mossop’s was extremely proactive in sensitively bringing the cost and delivery time of the project down, through clever value management. The client was delighted with the finished project, which was completed in a timely manner and to a tight budget.

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Excellence in Structure/Envelope

Winner – Bianco Precast

The client could not speak highly enough of Bianco Precast and their commitment to detail. On site, the judges gained an appreciation of the size of each precast panel and how they were placed together to form the bridge. The workmanship could not be faulted. The judges also had an opportunity to inspect the next bridge being made ready for installation and, with some reinforcing exposed, could appreciate the precision required to fit each panel into place. Innovation and attention to detail set Bianco’s apart in

Excellence in Services

Winners – O’Connors A.G. O’Connor Pty Ltd

A.G O’Connor has earned this award for many reasons, including commitment to industry leading innovation in the design, coordination, construction and commissioning of complex mechanical services projects. Despite the huge complexity and density of mechanical systems, O’Connors commitment, thorough engineering and quality installation led the University’s independent Commissioning Agent to repeatedly describe the standard of installation to be the highest he had seen, anywhere.

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Excellence in Interior/Finishes

Winner – Thorne Constructions Pty Ltd

This extensive renovation completed by Thorne Constructions included two bathrooms as well as an internal and outdoor kitchen. The work was of exceptional quality with the skills of a cabinetmaker very evident. The owners were ecstatic with the entire renovation from the original planning phase where, as the owner said, the builder seemed to read her mind and drew up plans exactly as she had pictured, through to the completed project.

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Excellence in Affordable and Public Housing

Winner – Thorne Constructions Pty Ltd

To renovate a severely dilapidated building and produce such a great result with a limited budget and tight program, displays the hallmark of an excellent project and outstanding Master Builder. The team at Thorne Constructions has excelled with this building project.

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Commercial Building Project of the Year – 2018

Winner – Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd

This project required the combination of a new building and the refurbishment of another, on an environmentally sensitive site. It was handled with exceptional expertise by the team at Hansen Yuncken. The incredible achievement of completing this work in a very tight programme is testimony to how well this project was planned and executed.

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Excellence in Steel Frame/Lightweight Housing

Winner – Adelaide Designer Homes

This distinctive home has several innovative features that demonstrate the flexibility of using steel framing in light weight construction. An excellent standard of finishes has been achieved throughout and the home represents very good value for money. Well done Adelaide Designer Homes.

Sponsor: Truecore

Excellence in a Medium Density over 5 Dwellings

Winner – Hindmarsh Constructions Pty Ltd

The workmanship and hands on approach in relation to the individual precast concrete panels is outstanding. Hindmarsh Construction carried out difficult precast work and the internal finishes, as well as the builders involvement in a lengthy and detailed Value Management process, is a credit to them.

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