Building Excellence Award Winners 2018

Excellence in a Display Home up to $200,000

Winner – Rivergum Homes

This Rivergum Home has been designed to demonstrate interesting innovations and quality finishes. Combined, they deliver a very affordable home that represents excellent value for money, to suit first home buyers.

Sponsor: James Hardie Australia

Excellence in a Display Home $200,000 to $250,000

Winner – Metricon Homes

A clear winner in this category. This 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom Metricon Home has a number of beautifully finished and unique aspects such as the impressive portico entrance, the carefully placed windows and the raked ceiling to the light filled living areas. Well built, well designed and excellent value for money.

Sponsor: SMEG

Excellence in a Display Home $250,000 to $350,000

Winner – Bradford Homes

This category contained several outstanding entries and Bradford Homes has raised the bar for homes in a very competitive field. This home is beautifully finished with quality inclusions such as oversize doors, full height tiling, alfresco outdoor kitchen and air-conditioning. Excellent value for money and a worthy winner.

Sponsor: Colorbond

Excellence in a Display Home $350,000 to $500,00

Winner – Scott Salisbury Homes

The Harrison Display Home by Scott Salisbury Homes, is exceptionally designed with stunning street appeal adapted to a compact corner allotment. Impeccable attention to detail in its many bespoke features is evident inside and out. Amazingly the home was completed in a 20-week build time and provides good value for money.

Sponsor: CSR

Excellence in a Display Home over $500,000

Winner – Metricon Homes

Metricon’s ‘Somerset’ display home, is a magnificently built 2-storey Georgian residence by a volume builder. The judges were impressed by the design and attention to detail. The sloping site posed extra difficulty considering the complexity involved in the build. The home exhibits a unique character, which is captured by the innovative Mansard roof design, the banded mouldings, the spectacular entry and the stunning curved staircase. A worthy winner.

Sponsor: Caroma

Excellence in a Contract Home up to $300,000

Winner – Bradford Homes

This home makes the most of the very restricted amount of land available to it. It has surprisingly generous living areas and storage spaces. Bradford Homes has achieved a very high standard of detailing and finishes and the home represents very good value for money.

Sponsor: Cornes Toyota

Excellence in a Contract Home $300,000 to $500,000

Winner – James & Sons Homes Pty Ltd

This large country home built by James and Sons Homes, has excellent finishes throughout with outstanding attention to detail. Client and sub-contractor relationships were well handled and it is very good value for money; especially, considering its distance from Adelaide.

Sponsor: Adelaide Profile Services

Excellence in a Contract Home $500,000 to $700,000

Winner – South Coast Constructions Pty Ltd

This exceptional family home in an exposed rural setting is very good value for money. The use of both lightweight construction and rammed earth has been achieved with an excellent level of detailing that complements its passive, energy efficient design. The finishes throughout are outstanding, providing a very high level of client satisfaction and South Coast Constructions are to be commended on this excellent project.

Sponsor: Building Ideas

Excellence in a Contract Home $700,000 to $1m

Winner – Klemm Homes Pty Ltd

The owners clear vision gave the team at Klemm Homes the confidence to push on with this challenging high quality build. This home is almost all carpentry based and finished to very finite tolerances. A project like this, with is intricately detailed external weather board cladding and the challenges of a sloping site and split level construction, required great innovation during the construction process. This property is a fine example of building excellence.

Sponsor: James Hardie Australia

Excellence in a Contract Home $1m to $1.5m

Winner: Finesse Built

This home encompasses the integration of steel, spotted gum, tumbled bricks and aluminium. The three angled ceilings converging in the lounge, dining and kitchen area required Finesse Built to produce a quality focus, which adds to the aura of the build. The incorporation of air-conditioning, insulation, feature skylights and complex electrical operating features into a flat, dual angled roof, added to the challenge. It is evident that there was a high level of communication and trust between the builder, the subcontractors and the client.

Sponsor: Origin

Excellence in a Contract Home over $1.5m

Winner: Ikon Projects Pty Ltd

The passion for perfection by Ikon Projects, is obvious when you see the clean lines and a minimalist form influenced by Japanese Architecture, leaving no room to hide any imperfections. The most predominant feature of this home is the off-form concrete boxes that frame the building façades. The central staircase is piece of artwork in itself with solid floating timber treads that appear to be stacked without support and vertical stainless wiring that runs from floor to ceiling. The complexity of this build is hidden in

Excellence in a Renovation or Addition up to $200,000

Winner: Spacecraft Design Build Pty Ltd

The team at Spacecraft Design Build combined both Building and Architectural Design solutions to deliver an excellent project with fine attention to detail and a willingness to work closely with the client to achieve an excellent outcome. Incorporating recycled materials collected over many years, this project reflects the collaboration between all parties. Boundaries were pushed and a tightly controlled budget, was adhered to, subsequently delivering on all the clients requirements.

Sponsor: Master Builders Insurance Services

Excellence in a Renovation or Addition $200,000 to $400,000

Winner – BTF Constructions Pty Ltd

A beautifully executed build, where BTF Constructions worked side by side with the Architect to deliver excellence in construction at all levels. The contract also included supervision of the Clients other trades to achieve the finely detailed and refined design. While working with both a large extension and reconfiguration of existing spaces, the Builder was able to solve structural issues and achieve a refined and beautifully finished project both inside and out.

Sponsor: SA Builder

Excellence in a Renovation or Addition $400,000 to $600,000

Winner – Scott Salisbury Homes

The team at Scott Salisbury Homes achieved a very high standard of finish throughout, working closely with the exacting client on planning over a number of years to deliver an exceptionally well built end result. The challenging site conditions included upper storey structural rectification issues that were revealed during demolition. Working closely with the client and engineer to achieve upper level window support, with required sight lines, ensured delivery of the desired outcomes. The tiling and stone panel matching were also outstanding features of this build.

Excellence in a Renovation or Addition $600,000 to $1m

Winner – Krivic Built

A high level of tolerance with regards detailing and finish was both expected and delivered on this project. The co-operation between Krivic Built and their clients on the design and buildability factor, assisted in achieving an excellent result. Of particular note was the innovative ‘pod’ style internal cabinetry/ structure and the sharp clean lines of the finished build. The tiling was also of a very high standard. The relationship between the client, builder, architect and trades on site showed co-operation and respect, which resulted in great satisfaction between all

Excellence in a Renovation or Addition over $1m

Winner – Urban Habitats Australia Pty Ltd

The team at Urban Habitats worked very closely with the client from selection of an appropriate property to the complete renovation and extension of the home. The builder exhibited an understanding of proportion and achieved an excellent standard throughout the build, including finely detailed joinery and a very high standard of tiling. The detailing of junctions and transitions between the old and the new are excellent. The clients were very happy with the process, the progress reporting and the end result.

Sponsor: Wombat

Residential Building Project of the Year – 2018

Winner – Finesse Built

This magnificently built home combines building prowess, design ingenuity and the integration of a vast array of building products. Whilst its complexity posed challenges for the team at Finesse Built, there were no elements the builder couldn’t overcome. The end result is simply stunning and an excellent example of outstanding building quality.

Sponsor: TAV productions

Excellence in Heritage Construction (Residential/Commercial)

Winner – G-Force Building and Consulting

The complexity of undertaking conservation work on a project of this scale is only revealed when closely scrutinised, as the final product ultimately must represent heritage work best practice in conservation, not restoration or refurbishment. This means that all the work undertaken was very sensitive and subtle and not immediately apparent to the eye. This building required attention to its stonework, slate and copper roof, gutters and downpipes and cresting detailing. The site was very public and safety was a key issue as was the requirement to

Excellence in Work, Health and Safety

Winner – Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd

Hansen Yuncken exhibited a strong commitment to an embedded Work Health and Safety culture within the organisation and in particular, to this complex and difficult site. An early spirit of collaboration with the client enabled clear safety in design principles to be developed and implemented, with existing policies and procedures expanded to encompass a high level of WHS across the site. A firm but supportive framework of checks and balances and a rigorous system in place, ensured no major incidents and very little Lost Time. The

Young Master Builder/Contractor of the Year 2018

Winner – Joshua Semmler

The selection panel were very impressed with Joshua’s professional presentation and submission. Josh was clearly able to demonstrate high levels of knowledge, innovation and skill. His completed projects demonstrated a wide range of new builds and renovations, with a focus on smart design, commitment to quality customer service and professional business ethics.

Sponsor: Cbus

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