Building Excellence Award Winners 2021

Interior/Finishes – Commercial

JRCM Commercial Joinery

It was unanimous among the judges that JRCM Commercial Joinery set a new benchmark in relation to the overall job standard and detailing involved with this unique project that made up part of Her Majesty’s Theatre renovation. The complexity of this project was extremely challenging and required specific and exacting design development, as well as first class trade-work. JRCM is to be congratulated on their dedication and expertise associated with the design and development and techniques used to bend timbers and veneers to achieve the desired results on the curved balcony, curved feature ceilings, bar areas, booth seating, twin spiral staircases and back of house.

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Services – Commercial

Hindmarsh Plumbing Services

The judges were impressed with how Hindmarsh Plumbing challenged the status quo in this project to develop new and innovative ways in which to conserve and re-use water to maximise environmental efficiencies. Work included a complete Hydraulics package that was designed and delivered over a 21-month period within the GPO Exchange building and the use of pre-treatment technology was pivotal to providing the highest standard of water quality. The judges agree that the GPO Exchange has increased the standard of construction delivery and building innovation in Adelaide. 

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McMahon Services

McMahon Services demonstrated outstanding prowess across this entire project. Their Quality Assurance and Safety systems were flawless and the way in which they managed this extremely difficult site was truly noteworthy. They scored highly across all vital contractual elements, delivering value for money, adhering to tight contractual time frames and their consideration of environmental sensitivities coupled with the professional management of extremely hazardous materials really impressed the judges.

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Retirement Living/Aged Care

Sarah Constructions

Allity Aged Care was a new concept combining Retiree and Disability Accommodation. Sarah Constructions faced a challenging start resulting in a significant delay, structural redesign to accommodate groundwater and a retender. The Sarah Constructions team worked constructively with the client in resolving these early issues and were subsequently reappointed to complete the project. Despite the difficult start this Aged Care facility was completed to a high standard and the client was very pleased with the relationship with Sarah Constructions, their perseverance and the end result. 

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Civil/Engineering Construction

Fusco Constructions

Fusco embraced the challenge to provide safe clean drinking water to far North communities in the APY lands in this award winning project. They adapted their safety programs and methodology to enable the Anangu people to provide 30% of the on-site labour for the project, which included 12 kms of underground pipe work, a lagoon, and water towers. An excellent project making Fusco Constructions well worthy of this award.

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Minuzzo Project Management

Minuzzo Project Management delivered 217 East Terrace Apartments with the highest level of internal finishes seen in this category. The external had 28 different materials featured that were seamlessly executed, and the use of drain grates at the doors to eliminate level difference between the internal space and external balconies was brilliant. All apartments sold at a record price of over $2 million each, a testament to the quality and standard of this build.

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Commercial Refurbishment/Redevelopment over $5m

Hansen Yuncken

The judges deemed the work by Hansen Yuncken on CAA Higher Courts Redevelopment project to be faultless. They were impressed by the excellent quality finishes completed within the complexities of working courtrooms and how the team applied themselves to provide unique and innovative solutions to the construction problems encountered during the build. Well done Hansen Yuncken.

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Commercial Refurbishment/Redevelopment up to $5m

Dycer Constructions

The judges were impressed with how Dycer Constructions tackled this unique project which turned 20 discarded and damaged transportable buildings into a modern learning “village”. The renovation of the dilapidated buildings was of the highest standard, using a variety of cladding materials and it was evident that a high level of skill was used to produce an excellent finished product. The client was overwhelming in their praise for Dycer Constructions, their communication, inclusiveness and how the team went above and beyond. 

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Commercial Fit-Out over $5m


The BHP office fit-out, located in the new GPO Exchange Building, is a high-class creation with an outstanding level of detail shown throughout. Built are to be commended with how hard they worked alongside BHP to manage and exceed their fit-out requirements, including copper clad staircases, superior breakout facilities, first-rate amenities and high tech office zones that needed to be set up to manage all of BHP highly complex and confidential operations.  Every element of the finishes of this project are superb and the workmanship is of the highest standard. Built is a worthy winner of this award.

Sponsored by James Hardie

Commercial Fit-Out up to $5m


It should be noted that the level of competition and standard of building in this category was incredibly high and Kennett’s is to be commended and congratulated on taking out this award. This Commercial Fit out demonstrates excellent innovation in construction methodologies and highlights the use of good quality Australian made materials. The builder client and builder subcontractor relationship was excellent and aided Kennett to overcome the numerous challenges they faced to bring a dilapidated building up to current code while remaining sympathetic to the character all within a very short timeframe. Overall an excellent example of an award-winning fit out.

Sponsored by EML

Commercial/Industrial Building over $100m – Landmark Project

Hansen Yuncken

Hansen Yuncken’s EOS by Sky City is a standout landmark project that makes Hansen Yuncken more than a worthy recipient of this noteworthy award. The project was delivered to the highest standard all whilst encountering significant challenges. The bespoke finishes are exceptional and have been installed with great skill, which required significant co-ordination and planning as many were sourced from overseas and were impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The client and the judges were more than impressed with this project.

Sponsored by CSR Gyprock

Commercial/Industrial Building $50m to $100m

Hansen Yuncken

This was an extremely complicated high-quality tendered project that has been completed to an exacting standard by Hansen Yuncken. The project team confronted and overcame numerous construction challenges, which required innovative solutions, to deliver a project that incorporates extremely high quality finishes and design features.

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Commercial/Industrial Building $20m to $50m

Sarah Constructions

Sarah Constructions impressed the judges with their construction of Pembroke’s Middle School on a complex triangular site. It was clear that early collaboration with consultants and specialist subcontractors ensured the project was delivered on budget with many issues resolved prior to construction commencing. The client was extremely pleased with the end result. Stand out features include a significant prefabricated 25 metre pedestrian bridge and an intricate 15 metre high insitu concrete shard. Well done Sarah Constructions.

Sponsored by Load 28

Commercial/Industrial Building $10m to $20m


Kennett’s ability to finish on time, on budget and deliver a project with minimal defects that were resolved within weeks were major factors in being awarded this project. The external finishes are exceptional and the internal magical. This project is a true testament to Kennett who poured their heart and soul into the project.

Sponsored by Infrabuild

Commercial/Industrial Building $5m to $10m

Mossop Construction + Interiors

Mossop Construction+Interiors overcame all site and building challenges to carefully construct this project around a live active school. The external standard of the Trinity College project is exceptional with its complex flooring integrating with all the brickwork, precast and cladding. Internally, the building also impressed our judges, with custom hand-crafted timber features that aligned the building. Mossop delivered the project on time and to a great budget and worked seamlessly with their trade base to produce state of the art innovation spaces for the college.

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Commercial/Industrial Building $2m to $5m

Kym Clarke Constructions

The quality of workmanship by Kym Clarke Constructions on this build is exceptional, particularly the carpentry, joinery and stonework. The judges were impressed by the attention to detail paid by the Kym Clarke team who handmade curved window frames, vaulted ceilings and the fascia. This is a building to be proud of and a worthy recipient of this award.

Sponsored by EML

Commercial/Industrial Building up to  $2m 


The judges were impressed by Kennett’s ability to expedite the Bremerton Wines Cellar Door all while maintaining customer access. Kennett formed a tremendous relationship with the client. The project was completed to an exceptionally high standard and is a credit to Kennett.

Sponsored by James Hardie

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