Cladding audit a vote of confidence in SA building

Cladding audit results showing no properties represent a safety risk is a reassuring outcome that is a vote of confidence in South Australian building, Master Builders SA says.

Chief Executive Officer Ian Markos said the audit – undertaken by the State Government, the Metropolitan Fire Service and the City of Adelaide – was to be applauded for its deliberate and grounded approach.

“The State Government has done the right thing by taking a measured approach, not creating panic and fear when there was little cause,” he said.

“Of course we’re pleased that the audit has confirmed none of the buildings represent a safety risk, and we’re interested in the second phase to see whether they comply with the National Construction Code and the focus on essential fire systems. But this is the right approach to take – it’s based on a calm assessment rather than trying to whip up public panic.

“There are rules, procedures and standards in place for a good reason, and any review needs to target compliance with them at a national level to ensure the real risks – those of importing non-compliant products – are identified and managed.”

Mr Markos said the examination of fire safety systems to take place under the second phase was a vital check on essential safety systems.

This release can be downloaded as a PDF here. The State Government’s approach to building audits is available here.