Community needs the ABCC

The best interests of the community would be best respected through the introduction of the Australian Building and Construction Commission, Master Builders Australia says.

“The importance for the return of the rule of law on construction sites has not diminished,” Chief Executive Officer Wilhelm Harnisch says.

“The ABCC Bills have to be considered in the broader context of the benefits it will bring to the broader community.

“The ABCC, by returning the rule of law, will mean in the years ahead more schools, hospitals and other community facilities including roads can be constructed at significantly lower costs.

“In practical terms this means the community will benefit from more facilities and or saving the government budget outlays.

“If nothing else the ABCC bills will see, for the first time in a long time, the return of respectful and civil behaviours where men and women can feel confident  in going to work without the fear of intimidation and bullying, the same that is enjoyed in other workplaces.

“Mum and dad subcontractors who make up the bulk of the people on construction sites will be able to go about their lawful business without having their livelihood threatened.

“At its core the ABCC is simply asking all parties on construction sited to behave normally and civilly by engaging in lawful behaviours: why is that too much of an ask?

“Master Builders respectfully asks the Senate to pass the ABCC Bills. It is time to stop the bullying, the community deserves better. Construction workers deserve better.”

This release can be downloaded here.