This is Master Builders COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information Page. The impact of the virus will present challenges for the building and construction industry and we are here to help all businesses through this unprecedented time.

Master Builders SA will continue to provide updates via email and social media as information is provided to us as your peak industry body representing builders and subcontractors in South Australia.
Below you will find a list of our guides, documents and templates we have created for our members. These are all available on our Master suite now:

  • COVID-19 Member Guide: An Employers Guide to Managing Work and the Workplace
  • COVID-19 Social Distancing Guide for the Building and Construction Industry
  • Stop the Spread Checklist Sign
  • Stop the Spread Checklist PDF Form
  • COVID-19 Responsible Work Site Sign
  • COVID-19 – Clerks Award Amendment Guide
  • COVID-19 Member Guide – Downturns in Work & Standing Down Employees
  • COVID-19 Member Guide – JobKeeper Payment & Managing Employees During Downturns in Work
  • Travel to Work Notice Letter Template for Emergency Work

  • Employee Entitlements during SA 6-day lockdown




We have also compiled a list of the best available resources where you can get up to date information and fact sheets:

Essential Works

‘Essential worker’ is defined during the SA lock-down period for the construction sector as a person who performs work that is essential for the continued operation of the following (among others):

  • Urgent services necessary for the health and safety of any person, animal or premises.
  • Insurance employees whose work is essential to the continued operation of the business are considered essential workers under the Direction. That said, even if an employee is a permitted worker, they must work from home unless being on-site is essential to fulfilling that role.
  • Workers do not need a permit to leave their home but they should carry ID and evidence to prove their workplace and occupation. We recommend a letter on company letterhead which also sets out the essential nature of the worker’s duties.
  • In respect to building repairs, urgent repairs should be conducted that are necessary for health of occupants or the safety of the building. What this means is that they can continue with make-safes and repairs that go to the safety or function use of critical features of a building.
  • Minor/superficial repairs (such as painting) should be paused until after the ‘stay at home’ restriction ends. Members will need to exercise their own judgment as to whether a repair is urgent and necessary for health and safety.

 For further guidance please contact SA Health.

Electrical Essential Works

There are typically 4 types of electrical emergencies:

  1. Power outages
  2. Electrical Fire
  3. Electrical Shocks
  4. Fallen power lines

Plumbing Essential Works

Safe sanitisation plumbing work is considered essential for the following matters:

  1. Clean running water
  2. Clean sewerage
  3. Hot water systems
  4. Maintenance and up keep of the following facilities: aged care, hospitals, supermarkets, service stations and any other and any other work that has been deemed essential.


Further Information & Assistance

Master Builders SA is here to help and are available for our members to talk to and seek guidance and advice.

For any further information workplace relations please contact our Workplace Relations team on 8211 7466 or email

For further information around training and your membership please contact our Membership Team on 8211 7466 or email