End the political games

The CFMEU’s promise to create new battlegrounds over hospitality and retail wages shows it values political games more than the needs of the sector it purports to represent, Master Builders SA says.

The construction union yesterday vowed to lead a “Work Choices” style-campaign against the Federal Government over its support of the independent umpire’s decision to cut penalty rates in the hospitality and retail sectors.

Master Builders SA Chief Executive Officer Ian Markos said the union’s decision lashed out at the wrong people.

“Rolling stoppages will hurt construction workers and contractors – for an issue that has nothing to do with the industry, nothing to do with the building and construction sector, and nothing to do with safety,” he said.

“It’s no wonder that investment confidence is flagging when the union tries to use an issue outside the industry to cause havoc on construction sites.

“At a time when South Australia is struggling with one of the country’s highest unemployment rates, it time to reject the political games. We need to focus on building confidence to underpin jobs.”

This release can be downloaded as a PDF here.