Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) owns and operates infrastructure that delivers gas to Australian homes, businesses and large industry such as electricity generators, miners and manufacturers.

As a provider of reliable energy that Australians need and value, we are taking active steps towards sustainable gas delivery today, and tomorrow. We are delivering renewable gas projects across the country, providing a pathway to achieving net zero emissions for our customers. Australian governments have clear targets to decarbonise the gas, electricity and transport sectors. We can use renewable, or carbon-free gases like hydrogen to meet this challenge in the most cost-effective way, whilst continuing to enjoy the reliability benefits that gas brings today.

Our low carbon strategy

We have a clear strategy to decarbonise gas supply, which includes: 

  • By 2025 – to provide a 100 per cent carbon-free, renewable hydrogen gas supply solution for those customers that require this; 
  • By 2030 – to supply a renewable gas blend of up to 10 per cent for South Australia; and 
  • By 2040 – to convert the entire South Australian gas supply to 100 per cent renewable gas as a stretch target, and by no later than 2050.

Renewable gas – the future is here now 

Renewable gases, which include hydrogen and biogas, can be used for heating, cooking and industry in the same way natural gas is used today.

Renewable hydrogen is produced using renewable electricity and water, and as such, is carbon free.

The great news is that this is happening right now at our purpose-built facility Hydrogen Park SA (HyP SA).

Located at the Tonsley Innovation District, HyP SA is an Australia’s first facility to supply blended renewable gas via the existing gas network. After commencing operations in May 2021, HyP SA’s 1.25MW electrolyser produces renewable hydrogen which is blended up to volumes of five per cent with natural gas and supplied to more than 700 existing homes.

HyP SA is supported by the South Australian Government.

We are also close to completing another facility, designed to take the next step forward in our journey to the decarbonisation of our networks. Hydrogen Park Gladstone (HyP Gladstone) is located at Gladstone in central Queensland.

From 2022, HyP Gladstone will produce renewable hydrogen to be blended into the natural gas network at volumes of up to 10 per cent supplying more than 770 residential, commercial and industrial customers.

HyP Gladstone is supported by the Queensland Government.

Finally, we are also in the process of creating larger scale renewable hydrogen projects such as the Hydrogen Park Murray Valley (HyP Murray Valley), which will consist of a 10MW electrolyser that will deliver up to 10 per cent renewable hydrogen blend to more than 40,000 connections on our Albury-Wodonga gas distribution network in NSW and Victoria, and the Clean Energy Innovation Park (CEIP) in WA (also featuring a 10MW electrolyser), which will deliver a renewable hydrogen blend to the Perth distribution network with further opportunities to serve industry, mining and transport customers adjacent to AGIG’s Dampier Bunbury Pipeline.

HyP Murray Valley is a joint venture with ENGIE Australia and will begin producing renewable hydrogen in 2023 and the CEIP is a joint venture with ATCO Australia and will also begin production in 2023.

HyP Murray Valley and CEIP were two of only three conditionally approved for funding from ARENA as part of its Renewable Hydrogen Deployment Funding.

Your customers love the benefits that natural gas delivers, but we know that they want to see a renewable option and soon. By continuing to support gas infrastructure in your developments now, you will be ‘renewable gas ready’ when we start delivering.

So the message for developers, consultants and builders is simple – there is a future for gas, and it is happening now.

If you want to know more about our renewable gas future call Jon Bush on 0407 820 663.

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