SA Housing Authority’s new HomeSeeker SA website is already proving a success, helping more South Australians into homeownership while creating opportunities for builders and developers.

HomeSeeker SA ( supports low and moderate income South Australians by providing exclusive property sales listings at no charge to industry and information about government incentives that help people buy or rent affordable homes. The program creates opportunities for the construction and development industry by boosting affordable housing builds and preparing a market of ready buyers.

Through the website, home seekers can subscribe to receive updates about new initiatives and offers, and alerts when properties meeting their specified criteria become available. 

As more people subscribe to the website, a significant database of prospective and pre-approved buyers will be established. This database will help industry target marketing of properties to a larger pool of people who are ready to buy.

For builders and developers, HomeSeeker SA is a comprehensive resource that helps clients find information about housing and financing options. The website helps people become buy-ready, provides them with advice about renting in the private market, and includes an easy-to-use tool to help them find housing options tailored to their age, income and current housing status.

Visitors to the HomeSeeker SA website can browse dozens of affordable homes, with prices starting from $250,000 to a maximum offer price of $422,050. The more than 50,000 visits to the HomeSeeker SA website show that South Australians are embracing opportunities to learn about buying and saving for their first home. By providing the information they need, along with tools, tips and guides to help them prepare and secure housing that suits them, the website is helping South Australians achieve affordable housing.

HomeSeeker SA directly supports the Government of South Australia’s $400 million commitment to construct 1,000 new affordable homes, which in turn boosts the state’s construction industry while supporting first home buyers. Construction is managed by SA Housing Authority through local builders.

Under the State Government’s Affordable Housing Policy, affordable housing has been built into the Planning and Design Code through an Affordable Housing Overlay. The Code was fully implemented in March 2021 and provides a consistent approach to delivering affordable housing. Through the Overlay, builders and developers can access planning incentives like reduced car parking requirements, smaller allotment sizes or extra building heights that can make developments more viable.

Providing affordable housing and accessing planning incentives requires a commitment to deliver specifically to this market through a legally binding agreement with the State Government.

Builders can sell to an affordable rental provider, such as a community housing provider, at any price or to an eligible home buyer at or below a set price, which is currently $367,000 in the Adelaide metropolitan area. Different price points apply in other areas and for vacant land. If builders and developers build homes close to public transport or with other benefits that reduce ongoing living costs for future occupants or apply innovative finance options such as shared equity, the dwelling price can be increased by up to 15 per cent to $422,050. Approval for these price variances is granted on application.

For advice and more information about affordable housing and HomeSeeker SA, including fact sheets to help builders understand the process, email homeseeker.