This reform proposal stands to set the tone for development for the next generation, so it is vital that it is framed well to generate the next wave of South Australian growth.

Master Builders SA believes the current Bill has four key areas for improvement, outlined in our submission to the State Government.

First, the infrastructure fund provisions provide for a significant shift of funding from the State to individual landholders, mandated by the Minister and without requiring developer involvement or approval. The cost of schools, roads, police stations and public transport could be recovered through land rates, built by State Government officials, with minimal input from those affected. Master Builders believes greater checks and balances are required to make this work.

Secondly, Master Builders SA opposes the introduction of an urban growth boundary (referred to as Greater Adelaide, and also through environment and food protection areas) based on established policy. Although early drafts of the boundary appear to be significantly larger than existing policy, there exist no periodic review mechanisms to ensure South Australia turns its mind to whether change is needed.

Master Builders SA also believe there is a need for significantly greater detail about the proposed Planning and Development Codes to ensure that built form is not dictated by these Codes. Such an outcome would stifle innovation and potentially saddle developments with such greater costs that certain projects may become unviable.

Finally, the nature of community consultation would benefit from greater detail.

We continue to constructively work with the State Government to improve this Bill.