J Frew Painting & Decorating

October 2018

J Frew Painting & Decorating is a small business consisting of 5-6 workers. The owner, John Frew, has been in the painting industry for 30 years – with 21 of those in Adelaide. The company specialises in repaints and restorations but also work commercially painting nursing homes, schools and hospitals.

They have been taking on Master Builders SA Apprentices since 2009.

John believes that the biggest benefit of being a part of the Master Builders GTO scheme is that all the administration in regards to the apprentice is taken out of his hands and is instead handled by Master Builders SA. This allows more free time out of the office for himself and his family.

Most of the company’s work in recent years has been for private customers, through word of mouth. The main builders the company works for are Adelaide Prestige Homes and NeilRobson Construct – both of which build premium quality homes and additions.

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