Congratulations Jack Montgomery

Apprentice of the Month – March 2021

Trade: Carpentry & Joinery

Stage of apprenticeship: 3rd year

Commencement date: July 2019

Expected completion date: January 2022

Why did you become an apprentice?

I became an apprentice carpenter/ Joiner because I wanted to have a trade that creates and works with timber. A skill I could work on for the rest of my life in both employment and so that I might be able to help others.

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship?

Clients come into the workshop who have a desire for something they would like to have in there home, hopefully something both beautiful and practical. I hope that as an apprentice who will be craftsman I am able to help them design, plan and finally create there desired product. It is this processes and then seeing the clients joy when they see the finial product that I enjoy most about my time as an apprentice.

Would you recommend Master Builders SA apprenticeships to others and why?

Yes, they provide excellent and secure facility to help apprentices of all types become qualified in his or her particular field. They have a range of great staff and supervisors who care and look out for there apprentices, supplying there needs and checking in on there workplace. I would highly recommend MBSA to anyone looking to head into a trade.

Field Coordinator comments:

Jack is spoken about very highly by his co-workers, and is an asset to the workshop.