Job Accelerator Grants

Businesses creating a new job that lasts for two years are entitled to claim a bonus of up to $10,000 under the State Government’s Job Accelerator Grants announced in this year’s State Budget.


Businesses with a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) paying wages of $5 million or less are eligible to claim a grant for new roles created between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2018. The employment must last for two years or, if less, be a minimum 12 months to qualify for a partial grant.

Eligibility is attached to the position, which must be maintained over the course of the eligibility period to qualify for the grant.


Businesses must register the new role with Revenue SA within 90 days after the position commences. No grants are available after this 90 day period.

Evidence will be needed to support the number of employees prior to the new position including your most recent Business Activity Statement, wage records and ReturnToWorkSA records.

Amounts and claims

A business can claim $5000 for each new employee on the anniversary of that employment each year provided the business’s annual payroll is between $600,000 and $5 million. This is referred to as the Job Accelerator Grant.

Where a business is not liable for payroll tax because its payroll is less than the $600,000 threshold, the business can claim $2000 for each new employee on the anniversary of that employment to a maximum claim of $4000. This is the Job Accelerator Grant for Small Business and Start-Ups.

The Grants are also available for part-time and casual employees, but are paid on a pro-rata basis. The amount paid will be calculated as:

Full time grant amount x average weekly hours worked for year in question / 35 hours

Amounts are paid via electronic funds transfer.

If the role does not continue throughout the second year, the grant for the first year will not be required to be repaid.

Bonus for Hiring of Apprentices

Master Builders SA will continue to help members maintain their commitment to the training of the next generation of building professionals through our Group Training Organisation. Host employers may still be able to claim the grant for new apprentices hired through Master Builders SA.

We can help you through the application process when you commit to taking on a new employee. Contact Tom Noble on 08 8211 7466 today to find out more.

More information and registration

This page is intended as general information only to assist members with their claim. Further information is available directly from the Revenue SA website.