June 2018

Why did you become an Apprentice? I became an apprentice with Master Builders because I was looking for a career that would provide me with skills and knowledge that I can carry with me through life and use in various ways. I chose carpentry because of its broad range and incredible opportunities to work locally and abroad.

What do you enjoy the most about being an Apprentice? My favourite part about being an apprentice, especially in carpentry, is that no two days are ever the same. The job has an enormous amount of variety and every day brings its own challenges. The job also allows me to deal with and work alongside a wide range of trades and business people.
I have completed the first year and a half of my apprenticeship in first fix and have enjoyed learning the ins and outs of the trade so far, moving forward I would like to gain experience in second fix and decking and plan to complete some extra courses relating to the business side of the trade.

What is your goal once you have completed your Apprenticeship? Upon completion of my apprenticeship I plan to work for a year or two as a tradesman, gaining as much experience and knowledge as possible and hopefully saving enough to purchase my first home. Using the skills and knowledge I have gained through my apprenticeship I plan to renovate my house myself and carry out any maintenance or extensions in the future.
After working as a tradesman for a few years I plan to enrol and hopefully gain employment with the Metro Fire Service (MFS). All going to plan I would like to one day start my own carpentry business and on my days off from the MFS work on home renovations and extensions.

Apprentice Who would you like to thank? I would like to start by thanking George McQuinn of George McQuinn Carpentry (GMC)   for allowing me to complete work experience with him to see if the carpentry trade was something I would be interested in. He then also put me in touch with the necessary people that ultimately allowed me to obtain my apprenticeship with Master Builders.
Secondly I would like to thank Neil Dickson of Dickson Quality Construction for taking me on and putting his trust in me. He has shown me that a good work ethic, passion for the trade and a positive attitude can take you a long way and I am grateful for the incredible opportunity he has provided me.
Along with Neil I would like to thank my former fellow MBA apprentice, now tradesman, Jake for both showing great patience and understanding while teaching and guiding me through various stages and new tasks.
Finally I would like to thank my family for their continued support and encouragement for me throughout my apprenticeship.

What does safety mean to you? We work in such a fast paced and physically demanding industry that consists of a lot of moving parts. To ensure we all make it home safely at the end of the day it demands the highest level of safety at all times to keep not only ourselves but those around us out of harm’s way. Without a uniform understanding of the safety expectations the industry simply would not function. Put simply, to me, safety means us all working together to ensure that ourselves and our mates make it home each day unharmed.

Field Coordinator Comments: John has consistently proven himself to be a hard working apprentice with a passion to learn new skills and always pushes himself when on site. John is great communicator with his host employer, fellow colleagues and all MBA staff. John always follows MBA policies and procedures and has mature approach in his workmanship. He is a very approachable apprentice who will be very successful in whatever area he chooses to specialise in.

Commencement of Apprenticeship: 15/11/2016

Current Host Employer: Dickson Quality Constructions

Photo from Left: Simon Smith from Banner Mitre 10 and John Foster

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