January 2018

Kemp Carpenters is a commercial company based at Salisbury Plains which has been operating for almost 20 years.  We carry out a variety of work from full refurbishments through to small maintenance jobs on Government and Council sites. 

The company has hosted MBA apprentices for the best part of it’s 20 years with half of our current workforce former MBA apprentices.  We place a big emphasis on apprentice development and with the diversity of work it provides the apprentices with a solid skill set to take with them throughout their career. WHS is another key area in their training to ensure apprentices are carrying out all their work in a safe manner.

It is Kemp Carpenters aim to employ suitable apprentices after they have completed their training “a lot of time and effort by all concerned goes into training apprentices and we take pride in seeing them turn into valued tradesman” says director Kirk Burfoot himself a former MBA apprentice.

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