March 2018

Liam became a MBASA Apprentice because he wanted security within his apprenticeship and knew that a Group Training Organisation like Master Builders, would be the best way for his beginning years. Liam wanted to do an apprenticeship so that he could learn basic skills and work his way through learning more about his specific trade each day. For Liam, doing an apprenticeship means that he will have a trade qualification behind him for the rest of his life.

“I enjoy being an apprentice because I get to learn from all different tradesmen and they are willing to allow time for me to work and learn at the same time. I’m always interested in being shown different ways to complete tasks within the trade. I enjoy being an apprentice in the commercial side of the industry because I can see how buildings are built, designed and can see the final product.”

“Once completing my apprenticeship I would like to go and do further study at university in Building Management/Estimating or Engineering. I would also like to start building my own house and continue learning new skills as I am now.”

“I would like to thank Steve Noski at Piotto Interiors for giving me the chance to become an apprentice and for having such a good group of co-workers. I would like to thank my tradesmen who are helping me throughout my apprenticeship, my supervisors Josh, Tim and Luke, and my family for all the loving and caring support I get 24/7.”

Safety is key for Liam and he makes sure to identify potential hazards before each task and always make sure that he is set up to work safe, constantly checking for hazards around his work site.

Liam is a very well respected apprentice within his host company. Liam is a respectful, mature and hardworking apprentice. Liam has a high skill level and regularly works beyond the standard expected at the current stage of his apprenticeship. Liam undertakes instruction well and also has the ability the undergo self-directed work. Liam always does his TAKE-5 form prior to commencing work, completes his profiling cards and maintains good communication. Well done Liam.

MPhoto from Left: Josh Daumann (Piotto Interiors Supervisor), Liam Fischer, George Fotopoulos (Banner Mitre 10)

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