Master Builders SA takes the lead with mentorship program

Master Builders SA is ahead of the pack with its recently-launched mentoring program to boost the number of women in the male-dominated building industry.

Chief Executive Ian Markos said the South Australian Women Building Australia program had the most participants and mentors in the nation.

“The Women Building Australia Mentoring Program encourages and supports women working in the industry,” said Mr Markos.

“It is exciting that South Australia has taken the lead nationally with this initiative. It shows that as a state and an association we are committed to supporting women building their careers.

“The number of women in building trades, para-professional and professional jobs remains woefully low.

 “We do not want women to drop out of training or choose not to start jobs when they finish their training. Mentoring is crucial to retaining the many women that have a lot to offer the industry.”

“We are leading by example. 67 per cent of Master Builders SA’s staff are women.”

Mr Markos said mentees came from a diverse range of the industry from small builders and subcontractors to large commercial builders.

Mentees are encouraged to be a part of the HiViZ membership program, which is committed to inspiring leadership, peer support and networking through exciting events and experiences.

Sue Wundenberg, CSR Regional General Manager SA/NT and HiViz Chair, threw her support behind the program.

“It was exciting news to hear that SA had secured the most mentees as part of the mentoring program, it is important that women have the confidence and resilience to fulfil their full potential,” she said.

Women Building Australia will empower women to bring new skills and approaches to businesses that boost productivity and it is great to see that SA builders have got behind such an initiative.”