Master Builders SA welcomes $15,000 fine for unlicensed tradie

The $15,000 fine imposed on an unlicensed tradie by the Adelaide Magistrates Court today highlights the need for consumers to do their research.

Amir Armini Mehr, 38, pleaded guilty to breaches of the Building Work Contractors Act, admitting to carrying out work as a building contractor without a license.

The Court heard Mr Mehr accepted nearly $35,000 for building renovation work, but did not complete all the work and the rest was so poorly constructed the client had to pay more than $20,000 extra to properly complete the job.

Mr Mehr had already been sentenced to five months imprisonment for stealing jewellery from the client while conducting work in the home.

Master Builders SA Chief Executive Officer Ian Markos urged consumers to do their research before engaging a building contractor.

“Unfortunately rogue operators give the entire industry a bad name,” said Master Builders SA Chief Executive Officer Ian Markos.

“Individuals and businesses that work in construction, trade, demolition, site preparation and restoration and repairs must be licensed as building contractors.

“The first thing consumers should do is check the Consumer and Business Services website to make sure the builder is legally able to perform the work you want them to.

“You should also ask around and check social media for reviews. If the price seems exceptionally cheap, it could well be too good to be true.

“You should also make sure they are a Master Builders member to ensure you are dealing with somebody who is appropriately licensed and qualified as a master builder.

“Consumers are always very welcome to call Master Builders to confirm details.”

This media release can be downloaded as a PDF here