September 2019

Type of apprenticeship:  Carpentry Formwork

Stage of apprenticeship: 3rd year

Why did you become an apprentice?  I became an apprentice because I have always enjoyed building things and enjoy learning how things work.

What do you enjoy most about you apprenticeship? I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn new processes and getting to know people in the industry. I have also enjoyed learning how to use tools and equipment that I otherwise wouldn’t have used before.

Would you recommend Master Builders SA apprenticeships to others and why? I would definitely recommend Masterbuilders SA to others as they are fantastic organisation who help to get people started in the industry they want to be in. I also think that the group training scheme is the best way to learn a variety of skills from different people.

Field Coordinator’s comments: Matt demonstrates an easy going and respectful attitude to everyone he comes in contact with. He gets on with his work without fuss and is always looking for the next job to complete. Joe from J&M Installations has described Matt as the best apprentice he has ever had from Master Builders Association and looks forward to seeing him develop.

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