Apprentice of the Year 2018

Matthew is a hard-working and driven Carpentry apprentice who always has positive feedback from his host Kemp Carpenters Pty / Ltd, stating that he has a high skill level, sound practical knowledge, is punctual and his work ethic is exceptional. Matthew works incredibly well as part of a team, and also has the ability to undertake self-directed work.

Judges were impressed with his enthusiasm, his commitment to safety and his drive to achieve, having clear plans and financial strategies already in place.

Matthew places an enormous emphasis on safety for himself and others on site. Matthew displays great knowledge and skills in hazard and risk assessment.

Matthew exercises an on-going high level of communication with all he encounters – from Kemp’s admin staff, on site peers, management and Master Builders SA staff.  He always acts and speaks in a mature and professional manner.

Previously to starting his apprenticeship Matthew worked as a qualified Bricklayer. Matthew has taken it upon himself to enrol and complete several courses in order to better prepare himself post his apprenticeship.

Matthew is very studious and has a good reputation at his trade school, ATEC with his trainers for his skill, knowledge and work ethic.

Post his apprenticeship Matthew would like to obtain his Builders and supervisors license so he can do his own extension and renovation works.

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