October 2018

Why did you become an Apprentice? I became an apprentice with Master Builders SA because I was looking to learn and gain life experience as soon as I could –  and as much as I could.

What do you enjoy the most about being an Apprentice? My favourite part about being an apprentice, especially in carpentry, is that there is always something to do and always something new to learn, each and every day. No matter what the task is, there is always something to take away from it. Every day when I arrive on site there is always something to do right from the get-go and every day I leave the site having learned something new.

What is your goal once you have completed your Apprenticeship? Upon completion of my apprenticeship, I plan to work as a first fix carpenter for a few years to gain some more knowledge and experience, but then eventually join the police force.

Who would you like to thank? I would like to start by thanking my dad for showing me the trade and giving me a taste for hard work and the achievements that can be obtained through it.

I would like to thank Terry Johansen for taking me on at Genemax and teaching me the right way to becoming a successful carpenter. His input has been invaluable and I owe a great deal of what I know about the trade to him.

I would also like to thank the Master Builders Association for providing me with the opportunity to become an apprentice.

What does safety mean to you? We work in such a fast-paced and physically demanding industry that consists of a lot of moving parts. To ensure we all make it home safely at the end of the day it demands the highest level of safety at all times to keep not only ourselves, but those around us out of harm’s way. Without a uniform understanding of the safety expectations the industry simply would not function. Put simply, to me, safety means us all working together to ensure that ourselves and our mates make it home each day unharmed.

Field Coordinator Comments: Matthew is a respectful and hardworking apprentice. In recent months Matthew has demonstrated the ability to take on advice and constructive criticism and use this feedback as platform to improve himself. Matthew always show an eagerness to learn and pushes himself to learn new skills. Matthew is reliable and a good communicator with MBASA staff and his colleagues on site.

Commencement of Apprenticeship: 29/11/2017

Current Host Employer: Genemax

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