Member Alert – Beware of Email Scam

We have been made aware that scam emails purporting to be from a South Australian commercial building company have been sent to organisations in the building and construction industry. The emails are addressed to clients of the company and state that the company has changed its bank details for the purpose of progress claim payments.

The emails contain a staff email signature of the company and therefore may give the perception of being genuine. 

If you receive any email of this kind, please delete it and do not take any action.

We have also heard of building companies having their email accounts hacked and sending fake invoices by email to other building companies. We are aware of one company paying $91,000 after mistakenly believing an invoice was genuine. Please be on high alert to make sure you are not caught out!

This website will help you protect your systems and educate your staff. You are highly advised to familiarise yourself with the advice: