New pathways to success

Master Builders SA has completely rewritten its approach to industry education to offer more pathways to success.

Chief Executive Officer Ian Markos said the building and construction industry had always been best-served by ongoing education – but moving from long-term degree-like courses to more nimble business-focused courses was vital for the success of the sector.

“Industry is responding to client demands for faster and better results, and Master Builders SA is doing the same for training,” he said.

“A lot of businesses need targeted, practical courses that improve their business and technical skills, not a full-blown tertiary qualification, so that’s what our Industry Ready Education provides.

“We will continue to help people understand their technical obligations regarding roof trusses, work health and safety laws and more, but we also want them to lead better businesses. They will have access to more financial courses, more marketing and media courses – all they need to build a stronger business.

“Being ready for industry is all about identifying pathways to success – Master Builders SA now provides the tools to make those pathways available to all.”

More information about Master Builders SA’s education is available at training..

This release can be downloaded as a PDF here.