Piotto Interiors

February 2019

Piotto Interiors Pty Ltd is into their 5th year in the industry. Piotto interiors average about 25 employees where most of the staff have migrated across from another ceiling company that was closed 5 years ago. Some staff have up to 40 years’ experience within the ceilings and partitions trade. Piotto predominantly do commercial ceilings, partitions and fitouts. Piotto have been a member of Master Builders SA for 5 years and have hosted apprentices this whole time.

Piotto believe that benefits of the Master Builders SA GTO scheme include the competitive rates and ease of the administration side. Furthermore, the ability for the apprentice to experience how other companies operate if there is a quiet period and how the MBA places them elsewhere when needed.
It is a collaborative approach between Master Builders SA Staff and Piotto Supervisors to monitor the progress of the apprentice’s skills training.

Piotto mainly contract to commercial builders – some of which include FDC, Mossop, Kennetts, Sarah Constructions, Badge etc and numerous others. Piotto Interiors currently has 3 MBA apprentices.

As pictured: Josh Daumann (Supervsior), Liam Fischer (3rd year Wall and ceiling lining apprentice, Steve Noske (Director)

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