Productivity Commission legislation should be swiftly passed

Master Builders SA welcomes today’s job figures.

“Employment and business confidence in South Australia are on the rise, but we can’t allow complacency to creep in,” said Chief Executive Officer Ian Markos.

“South Australia should be known as the least regulated state in teh country. The Marshall Government’s proposed Productivity Commission is a teriffic opportunity to take the axe to unnecessary regulation and unlock furhter jobs growth.

“For many years, Master Builders SA has been calling for the establishment of a Productivity Commission in South Australia to allow a true focus on investment, jobs and economic growth.

“We call on the Opposition, minor parties and independents to support the legislation and ensure its swift passage through the Parliament.

“An obvious area for the Commission to scrutinise is the excessive red tape in the building industry. Inefficient land release strategies, excessive development levies, taxes and charges, and excessive planning and building requirements drive up house prices by about 40 per cent. This is seriously hurting affordability – building approvals have declined for six months in a row – and must be addressed as a priority by the Commission to protect jobs.

“Our industry is connected to every South Australian as it creates jobs, trains apprentices, drives wider economic growth and builds better communities. However, South Australia cannot have a strong building industry if the basic economic settings are not right.

“We need economic policies that drive sustained business growth by creating a stable and business-friendly environment. The Productivity Commission will exist for exactly that purpose – it is essential for the future of this state.”

This release can be downloaded as a PDF here.