Public deserves better than promises to break laws

The public and industry deserve more from the union movement than an acceptance that laws are there to be broken, Master Builders SA says.

Responding to comments by incoming ACTU Secretary Sally McManus that the broader union movement supported the CFMEU’s approach to breaking the law, Master Builders SA Chief Executive Officer Ian Markos said this rejection of democracy casts a long shadow on the entire union movement.

“What McManus effectively said is it is acceptable for any party to ignore laws they disagree with. By extension, that would include ignoring award rates and safety laws – a position Master Builders SA wholeheartedly rejects. Those laws are there for good reasons, whether it be to protect lives or to protect people against union thuggery.

“Ms McManus’s comments back those made by Victorian CFMEU Secretary John Setka last week where he encouraged members to ‘defy and break’ the law, which were also backed by CFMEU National Secretary Dave Noonan.

“Some of the greatest economic reforms resulted from the strong cooperation that led to the modernization of Australia’s economy in the 1980s and 1990s. When the contemporaries of one of those parties that led to essential reform – the union movement – says it endorses the breaking of laws, what hope do we have of achieving a stronger economic future for all families?

“The Australian public and the building and construction industry that works with them deserve and need people focusing on building future opportunities, not breaking laws.”