SHEQ Alert – Get your sites ready for shutdown

Dear Members,

Builders, site supervisors and contractors should be starting now rather than waiting to the last minute to review and implement controls make their sites are safe for the holiday period.

Why should we starting acting now?

Be proactive and getting your sites ready for the holiday shutdown is will significantly reduce the risk of an unexpected event during site closure.

Unattended construction sites can expose the public to significant hazards and risks, including but not limited to:

  • Being struck by collapsing site fencing or falling over, walking into or running into fallen fencing
  • Being struck by objects picked up by wind
  • Falling off partially built structures or scaffolding
  • Falling through unprotected voids and into open excavations
  • Being crushed by the collapse of incomplete or unstable structures
  • Electric shock from live power
  • Lacerations from sharp objects

A thorough site clean-up, ensuring existing site safety measures are up to scratch and appropriate site security is in place will go a long way in ensuring public safety during the holidays.

Site security fencing and gates should be inspected and defects rectified prior to the holidays.

Additional bracing may be required to ensure the fence can withstand wind loads, especially fences with signs or shade cloth is fitted.

Partially built structures such as walls and roofs need to be adequately supported and braced to prevent collapse and can handle strong winds and bad weather.

Voids in floors should be securely covered, or the area barricaded off to prevent access. Excavations where possible, should be back filled.

The main switch for the construction electricity wiring should be switched off and the main switchboard locked.

Uninstalled roofing and other loose construction materials have the potential to turn into missiles if not stored and secured correctly.

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