Cosentino has recently reset its flagship brand, Silestone. The revolution undergone by the brand is profound, as it affects not only the image and position of Silestone but is also accompanied by a deep transformation of the product: a technology the Spanish brand has named “HybriQ”. 

HybriQ® is Cosentino’s strategic response, as a leader, to a society that increasingly demands more sustainability from products and more responsibility from Brands, drawing a more sustainable future for the environment, the industry and more committed to its entire value chain.

Cosentino has created a new Silestone®: “The Ultimate Mineral HybriQ Surface”. This new generation of surfaces not only means a breakthrough for the brand, but also for the market.

It creates a new product category: one that incorporates exactly all the physicalmechanical benefits of quartz surfaces while reducing their crystalline silica levels to those withheld by natural stones like Granite and that follows the Eco-design philosophy, embracing sustainability as a basic principle.

The environmental impact is minimised throughout the whole manufacturing process, achieving milestones like 99 per cent renewable energy, zero water discharge, 100 per cent reused water and the incorporation of recycled materials into the cycle as raw materials, reinforcing Casentino’s philosophy of circular economy.

However, the cutting-edge innovation in this new Silestone resides also in its composition: a hybrid formulation of minerals and recycled materials. The result is a high-performance blend which behaviors and properties equal or improve those of Quartz. This enables the reduction of the overall amount of crystalline silica in the composition of Silestone® by 50 per cent, achieving a reduction of up to 90 per cent for some colours.

All Silestone® slabs with HybriQ technology are labelled Q50 (maximum 50 per cent crystalline silica) or Q10 (maximum 10 per cent crystalline silica).

With this new composition, Cosentino creates a Silestone® with the same mechanical and technical performance and an appearance that retains its timeless beauty, while also providing new design possibilities in terms of depth, translucency and blurring effects, among others.

The company even goes a step beyond with HybriQ+® , a step forward in sustainability that on top of all the above, certifies a minimum of 20 per cent recycled materials in the composition, such as glass, although this amount can go up to 87 per cent depending on the colour.

Currently 80 per cent of Silestone® production is currently manufactured with HybriQ technology. This will extend to the entire Silestone® colour range production by the middle of 2021”. This means that by the end of 2021 all Silestone in the market will be a high performance and low silica product.

Both HybriQ® and HybriQ+® technologies have been developed and are patented by Cosentino.

Circular economy and waste prevention

Cosentino remains committed to sustainable innovation, aspiring to ensure that its products offer the best quality, respect for the environment and safety.

Regarding this, the company continues investing resources and efforts so that, year after year, the circular economy and waste recovery is reflected in Cosentino’s complete range of colours and products, offering materials with a significant content of recycled and/or recovered raw material in their formulation and reusing 100 per cent of the water in the process.

In 2020, Cosentino produced 1.45 million square meters of surfaces with recovered materials, representing 22 per cent of the total production.

Environmental footprint

Silestone incorporates the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), where we provide our clients with information on the environmental footprint of our product, including carbon footprint, water footprint or contained energy, so that they can be aware of the real impact of the use of Silestone® in their projects.

Certifications wise, Silestone also holds: UL Greenguard and UL Greenguard Gold, NSF, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Ben Pinfield, General Manager of Cosentino South Australia

Cosentino has always been a business that pushes the boundaries with sustainable manufacturing and new product development. Very exciting times for the business as we have recently rebranded, a fresher look Silestone, alongside the new HybriQ technology.

Cosentino Australia will also launch a Q40 Label that certifies which products contain a maximum of 40 per cent crystalline silica in response to industry regulations.

We are positioning ourselves in the lower range of crystalline silica concentration in stone products, while keeping the highest performance and we also provide it with properties that make it more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This is something I am very passionate about.

The lower-level silica Silestone compliments our ultra-compact product Dekton which has less than 11 per cent silica and can be used for not just benchtops, but flooring, walling and external facades. Dekton also has the carbon neutral certification, the only one in the market from cradle to grave, so gets a big green tick too.

An exciting 2022 awaits!

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