November 2020

Trade: When I first started out in business for myself back in 1982 I conducted my business as a small builder doing small additions decks pergolas and maintenance work. For the last 20 plus yrs I have been basically a contractor to large builders doing second fix and also carpentry

How long have you been a host: During my time I have hosted a number of apprentices over the yrs on and off. My last apprentice was approx. 12yrs ago and when he had finished he continued to work for me up until last yr when he went out on his own. I now have had my current apprentice since January 2020.

I completed my apprenticeship myself with master builders back in 1980 -1982

Apprentices: We are currently hosting one carpentry apprentice. 

Advantages of MBASA membership: The benefits of this scheme is the flexibility of not having to worry about all the paperwork of payroll, insurances, etc once I finish a physical day of work. Also, the fact that If I ever did run out of work that I could send the apprentice back and not have to go through all the red tape of putting of the apprentice or wondering how I was going to find the money to pay him/her whilst work was light on. Also find that it is good to have someone who is there to support and talk through any issues that we have. 

As pictured: Bianco Constructions Marketing Assistant, Stephanie Panagaris, Statewide Building Services Director David Smith, and Senator Alex Antic.