Apprentice of the Month – May 2022

Trade: Carpentry

Stage of apprenticeship: First Year

Commencement date: 23/08/2021

Expected completion date: 22/08/2025

“I chose to become a mature aged carpentry apprentice after spending a number of years floating between various industries and trades because it offered me a pathway to a career and a qualification in a growing industry I’m passionate about!

I love working outdoors, I’m fortunate enough to enjoy working with the lads I get to work with and every day is different. I’ve already got to work on some really technical aspects on some big projects and find it immensely satisfying to step back at the end of the day and see what I’ve done!

The MBA has given me the support and the guidance to make the most of my time as an apprentice! It’s great to know there’s a network of people behind me if I need any sort of help or if anything goes wrong!”