In 2020, COVID-19 raised the bar for prioritising health and hygiene in construction.

The mantra has grown even further in 2021 to embrace the wellbeing that comes from antibacterial surfaces. This year is being celebrated as the year of wellness, with clean indoor environments, air quality and a connection to nature is vital.

The daily and lifelong health benefits that come from hygienic and hypoallergenic surfaces continue to be especially pertinent and destined to be a part of our lives for good in a post-pandemic world. Tiles are of course, the ultimate wall and floor material to provide healthy interiors. Here are Beaumont Tiles’ five tile trends to watch for 2021.

The new stone age

Our lives have become increasingly high-tech, and 2020 rapidly propelled this further with zoom calls and working from home. But with the sharp digital shift, many found themselves in search of balance and longing to be more connected to nature.

It’s no wonder a new stone age has risen to the fore, driving human desire to connect with earthinspired designs and bring the cave aesthetic into the home. Beaumont Tiles Rock Salt and Brazilian Slate gracefully embody this trend. Their natural stone designs capture the attention and promote

mindfulness as the eyes trace the organic veining. Stone looks offer incredible versatility too. You can choose a single stone design in one colour, or two from the same range to add an extra layer of interest. Or you can even mix different stone looks within the same space too. Balance subtle designs with something bolder in a similar tonal family to bring the look together.

Biophilic existence

Biophilic design has shown that there is a direct link between a connection to nature and a wide range of health benefits. Bringing the natural world into our home through botanical prints has similar effects to help promote happiness and healing. A variety of leaf designs are hugely popular on homewares and soft furnishings, and now they’re being produced on tiles. Beaumont Tiles Palm Beach range features a unique glistening sheen over a tropical leaf design. It’s a whimsical way of bringing the power of plants into your home.


Australia is in love with the light, warm and tonal Mediterranean palette right now. Stone looks in shades of the earth and sun, such as sandy beige, taupe and terracotta are at the heart of this trend. Our pick is Beaumonts Valencia Beige to bring the colours and textures of the Mediterranean landscape into your home.

Neutral foundations

Neutral floors are all about setting the scene for uplifting-coloured accessories. Creamy whites are gaining momentum with the desire to calm, cleanse and purify our homes.

Mid-tones of both cool and warm grey provide the perfect foundation for bright colours to really POP, and deep charcoals set the mood for a cocooning effect.

This trend makes for the ultimate main floor option. For open plan living, match the tiles to the grout to visually expand the space, then layer with burnt orange, golden amber and teal accessories, as well as plenty of greenery.

Terrazzo revival

The terrazzo revival has gained huge popularity throughout the design world recently and we’re all obsessed with the playful confetti pattern. It comes in a wide range of scattered aggregate look chips for subtle interest such as Beaumonts Promenado, or bold impact as seen on Beaumonts Napoli.

To create a vibrant, happy space and energise your home, use this speckled hero throughout the entire residence and do away with transitions between main floors, hallways and bathrooms. This really adds to the effortless flow of a home.

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