Tim Hilton Constructions

September 2018

Tim Hilton Constructions currently has 10 employees.

Tim has been in the industry for 22 years and his business predominantly conducts

1st & 2nd Fix Commercial Carpentry Contracting. Tim Hilton constructions has placed MBA apprentices for 8 years and his business have been a member for 10. Tim believes that some of the biggest positives and benefits of Master Builders GTO scheme is the support that they show the apprentices. They work in well to find the right placement and best fit for our business when providing us with an apprentice.

They also show strong support for both the host employer as well as the apprentice. Tim Hilton Constructions is currently working for Tier 2 Commercial Builders, such as Kennett Builders, Marshall & Brougham, Sarah, Harrold & Kite.

As pictured: Slade Laubsch (Adult first year carpenter), Isaac Smith (4th year carpenter working at Cabra College).

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