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As an industry leader, where possible, we focus on face-to-face learning and superior outcomes to ensure we exceed industry standards. We know more one-on-one time with teachers means our students will gain a greater depth of knowledge and be confident builders able to apply what they have learnt in the classroom and be successful in the long run.

Our training courses, workshops and information seminars are designed and developed to support career and business growth in the building and construction industry.

Further evidence of our commitment to training the building and construction industry in SA is the 50 per cent increase we have seen in our training enrolments over the past 3 years. Every year we are changing our courses and increasing the scope of courses delivered to meet the needs of the industry. Training in building and construction is forever changing with new skills, techniques and technologies constantly evolving and laws and regulations are continually changing too.


What sets us apart?

Master Builders delivers superior training outcomes:

  • 90% satisfaction rating from our students
  • 95% completion rate across all our courses

Key points:

  • Our courses are highly regarded by the building and construction industry in SA
  • Courses are run by industry experts with years’ of experience in the industry
  • We cover a broad range of areas and support career and business growth with the courses we have available
  • We’re available…not sure what course/s you need to complete to further yourself in our industry? Give us a call and we can assist with a Skills Assessment – Free for members

Who can train with us?

Our courses are open to everyone. However, Master Builders members enjoy the added value of ongoing support applying for licenses, help with career planning and value pricing.

Recognised Prior Learning

While training and upskilling are necessary, we know you just want to get on with the job. Our recognised prior learning (RPL) service means we’re able to assess your skills and experience and, in some cases, help you gain formal qualifications quicker.

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