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The pandemic created an even greater dependence on social media amongst the general public. Channels are now serving different purposes for consumers and seeing an increasing diversity of channels used by all age groups. It is no longer enough to just throw some money at a platform or agency and hope for the best. Strategies now all hinge on user experience and serious omnichannel marketing.

The brand awareness aspects of your campaigns, or the always-on advertising, should be running across all the platforms you deem important to your market. They also need to be customised and framed up for the audience you are targeting on that platform.

Here are the obvious things to consider:

The customer journey (sometimes called the buyer’s journey) refers to the experiences that people have before deciding to purchase a product or service. It can be roughly divided into three stages:

Awareness: When the customer first learns about a business or product.

Consideration: When the customer becomes interested in a business or product.

Conversion: When the customer decides to buy a product or service.

Your digital marketing efforts need to regularly present your product or service in different ways to your current and potential customers. This allows you to have a successful sales generation funnel which is why a multi platform advertising strategy is critical for your business now more than ever.

At the awareness stage of the customer journey, you want to reach as many people in your target audience as possible.

To do this focus on imagery of your products and services to prompt people to pause and learn more. Include general information about your business, and basic descriptions of your products or services. Targeting your clients across multiple platforms increases your brand visibility and has a greater share of voice in your market.

Once people are aware of your business, you want to focus more on the specific benefits of your products and services. This is a good moment to talk about how your products and services differ from those of competitors, since customers may be comparing brands.

At this point, it is critical the pages on your site that you drive traffic to are built with the end in mind. They must be geared toward increasing the trust in your potential customer and driving enquiry. This is also a great stage to consider sponsored message ads on LinkedIn to people who have already engaged with your site in some way.

Finally, at the conversion stage, you want messages that remove the final hurdle to purchase. Sometimes this is creating a finite opportunity to engage by suggesting that there is a limited opportunity to work with you.

A well designed multi platform advertising strategy built with your business goals and your customer’s journey in mind will increase your share of voice in your key markets and create a sales pathway that meets your business’s sales goals.

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Simone Douglas, CEO of Digital Marketing AOK