Dino Pietrobon, CEO of Bianco Construction Supplies and Bianco Precast gives us the answers.

Dino Pietrobon started his career in the building and construction industry as a 15 year old bricklaying apprentice. Never one to shy away from hard work, even at the age of 15, he rode his bike to job sites at 5.30am every morning.

Despite the early starts, Dino fondly reminisces about his days as a bricklaying apprentice as a period that was fun and full of comradery. He believes it is the best trade to make you tough, strong and super fit it’s like doing a workout all day before going to the gym!

Dino believes this is a great industry for people who like to push the boundaries of what their body can do. Teamwork was another key aspect to bricklaying that Dino considers a big drawcard for the industry. There is a lot of fun, jokes and mucking around, but everyone is there to help each other too.

Despite the perception that bricklaying is just putting one brick on top of the other, Dino wants potential apprentices to know that there is a real skill to bricklaying and a great trade for people who love the challenge of problem solving.

Bricklayers need to be accurate with their work and maintaining high attention to detail is required, especially if doing curved work, arches, chimneys, etc. There are also skills such as drafting and reading and interpreting technical drawings so you can set out a job, set levels and build any feature designs required to meet architectural specifications.

For those who want to use bricklaying as a stepping stone to an ongoing career in construction, Dino is a great example of what can be achieved with a bit of hard work and persistence. After a short time in bricklaying, Dino was promoted to be an estimator and then at the age of 20, promoted further to a site management role. He has also worked in managerial roles as a turnaround specialist (improving companies that were facing financial difficulty) and is now a co-owner and the CEO of Bianco Construction Supplies and Bianco Precast.

There is also a great opportunity to be self employed as a bricklayer. With huge demand for housing in South Australia, bricklaying will not only always be a much needed business in residential construction, but also in commercial building, with the possibility to earn excellent money.

If you or someone you know might be interested in a bricklaying apprenticeship, contact Master Builders SA on 8211 7466

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