December 2018

Why did you become an Apprentice? I became an apprentice carpenter for the Master Builders Association, as I wanted to gain life experience and get ahead as quick as possible. I’ve always been interested in building and doing practical hands on work and thought becoming an apprentice carpenter was the perfect choice.

What do you enjoy the most about being an Apprentice? My most favourite thing about being an apprentice carpenter is that is has a wide variety of different work residentially and commercially. There are many different paths to take in carpentry which makes the trade not only interesting to learn, but enjoyable to work in as well. On a day-to-day basis I’m always learning different things and using what I’ve learnt previously on future projects.

What is your goal once you have completed your Apprenticeship? My goal once I’ve fully completed my apprenticeship is to continue work in commercial formwork, hopefully working up the ranks and eventually into management. I also want to flip properties on the side, using first and second fix carpentry skills.

Who would you like to thank? I would firstly like to thank my dad for showing me the construction trade, and giving me a taste of hard work and the achievements that can be obtained through it.

I would like to thank Mitcon Formwork for sponsoring me in my apprenticeship and the many tradesmen that have taught me to become a successful carpenter.

Thank you to Master Builders SA as well for providing me the apprenticeship and a big thanks to my field co-ordinator Ben Morgan for the support and advice he has provided me throughout my apprenticeship.

What does safety mean to you? Safety is probably the most important role in the construction industry and it is ensured that we do work safely so we can make it home in one piece. Due to the industry we work in, it’s so fast paced and physically demanding, it’s very important that safety is always double checked on any job site, so that nothing major can go wrong. Construction is a dangerous job, accidents do happen, but the safety level on job sites these days is very good and rarely does anything major happen. I take safety very seriously, not only for myself but my work mates around me, and ensure we work efficiently and make it home safely.

Field Coordinator Comments: Wyatt has had fantastic first year of his apprenticeship. He has settled into the construction industry rapidly and developed the necessary hand skills to successfully complete formwork on commercial sites. He is a reliable and hardworking apprentice who is eager to learn new skills. Wyatt is a great communicator with his colleagues on site and MBA. He consistently performs at a high standard.

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