Apprentice of the Year 2019

Zach Franceschilli joined Master Builders in January 2015 as an apprentice before completing his apprenticeship early in June 2019. Zach has been recognized as both Apprentice of the Month on several occasions and was successful at the Master Builders Building Excellence Awards 2019 becoming the Apprentice of the Year.

Hear more about Zach’s story:

Why did you become an Apprentice? I became an apprentice with Master Builders because I wanted a trade that would never die (not in my time anyway).  I also wanted an apprenticeship that would provide security and surety for the beginning years of my career and future, having a trade to fall back onto and a trade that will always have work.

What do you enjoy the most about being an Apprentice? I have enjoyed many aspects of being an apprentice, I have enjoyed learning and developing my skills and being taken under the wing of many different tradesman and learning the different ways and different techniques that each individually have.  Also, being able to work and earn a decent income and learn at the same time is also a great benefit of being an apprentice.

Even though I have completed my apprenticeship now, I will continue to study.    I also have the goal to use my skills and can build my own home.

Who would you like to thank? Firstly, I would like to thank Steve Lolosidis and Rob Galsworthy at the team at ProBuild Bricklaying for looking after me so well and teaching me everything that I know today, if it wasn’t for them I would not have developed my skills.  Their patience and understanding has got me where I am today.  I couldn’t be more thankful for what they have done.

I would also like to thank the other tradesman for teaching me different tricks of the trade and my field coordinator at Master Builders for looking after me.  Also a big shout out and thank you for my family and partner for all the wonderful and loving support over my apprenticeship, I would not have done it without them either.

What does safety mean to you? Safety to me means going to work and coming home safely, doing this we need to analyse and identify potential hazards on the work site, this applies to me and my co-workers.  Work in a safely manner making sure the work area is safe and no hazards in the work environment.

Field Coordinator Comments: Zach is a very mature apprentice who works above and beyond the expected level of what is required.  He undertakes instruction well and also has the ability to undergo self-directed work.  Zach is hardworking, punctual and a great communicator with both his host and MBASA.  Zach always follows Master Builders SA policies and procedures and is well respected in the wider Master Builders community.  Zach has a fantastic future ahead of him and will be very successful in whatever path he chooses to follow in the constructing industry.

What the judges had to say: Zach is a fully qualified bricklayer and completed his apprenticeship early due to his outstanding work practices, skills and on the job performance. Within six months of completing his apprenticeship, he obtained his Contractors license and is now undertaking a second apprenticeship as an Electrician. Throughout his apprenticeship he worked with three different Host Employers providing him with a broad knowledge base. Zach is keen to pursue a role as a Site Manager and in time will make an excellent Supervisor. Zach was a standout in this competitive field and is an absolute role model.

Congratulations Zach on winning Master Builders SA Apprentice of the Year 2019!

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