Executive Committee & Council

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Executive Committee 2023/24


Enzo Zito
Zee Constructions Pty Ltd

Deputy President

Jock Merrigan
Urban Habitats Pty Ltd

Vice Presidents

James Kennett
Kennett Pty Ltd

Morry Canala
Hindmarsh Construction Pty Ltd


Jeffrey Piotto
Piotto Bros Cement Flooring Pty Ltd

Past President

Tom Emmett
Emmett Construct Pty Ltd


Residential Sector

Troy Klemm
Klemm Homes Pty Ltd

Helen Sheppard
Alan Sheppard Constructions Pty Ltd

Matthew Evins
Evins Property Group

Civil / Engineering



Commercial Contractors

Garry Minuzzo
Minuzzo Project Management Pty Ltd

Bradley Watts
Badge Constructions Pty Ltd

Antonio Caretti
Lendlease Construction Pty Ltd


Patrick Innes
Niramar Pty Ltd

Ben Harrington
Hindmarsh Plumbing Services Pty Ltd

Matthew Zubrinich
Plumbify Pty Ltd

Elections have recently been completed by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) for the Master Builders Association of South Australia Incorporated (MBASA) and post-election reports have been issued by the AEC. Members may request a copy of these reports from either MBASA or the AEC. Call 8211 7466 or email us.