Comment from Alex:
“Master builders helps me and my business in recruiting new apprentices that are keen to learn our trade. They also help me with behind the scenes support with all apprentice & business needs. My carpentry business has been around for over 10 years in high end custom framing. We are a very passionate company with high attention to detail, that pride ourselves on quality. I’m passionate about teaching young people skills and giving back to the industry. I think it’s very important that the next generation of carpenters learn the trade to the same standards that we build to currently.”

Field co-ordinator:
“Alex is someone who is humble and takes pride in his work. He has the apprentices best interest at heart making sure to train/teach the apprentices properly about the trade, and for someone who is standing on the outside looking in, it’s really good to see. I can confidently say the boys who do their time with Alex will come at of apprenticeship all the better for it.”