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Awards Background

The Building Excellence Awards has a long and proud history.

To be bestowed a Master Builders Building Excellence awards is a great honour and brings with it many business advantages.

The first awards ceremony was held in Adelaide in 1994. Since then, it has grown in magnitude and popularity.

It is now the most prestigious awards ceremony held in the building and construction industry and is attended by 1300 industry representatives and delegates.

There are approximately 50 categories to the Awards that members can enter in Commercial, Civil, Residential and Specialist Contractor.

So what makes a Building Excellence Award winner? Your project must be excellent:


  • It must exceed normal requirements of all the relevant criteria
  • The builders input substantially contributed to the success of the project
  • It goes beyond the minimum requirements of the national construction code towards best practice
  • All stages of the submission are of a high standard
  • It stands out

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