Complaint/Issue against a builder



If you are unhappy with a service provided by a member of Master Builders SA, such as a builder or a tradesperson you must first raise your concerns directly with them. In the majority of cases, this will resolve the issue. In the event that it doesn’t, then we may be able to help. However, Master Builders is not an investigation or enforcement authority. Upon receipt of a complaint, we would contact the member and advise them in line with our Code of Ethics and encourage them to work with you to resolve the matter.

The Building and Construction Industry is currently facing extreme shortages in trades and a number of key supplies including timber, insulation and gyprock. These shortages may result in delays to building timeframes and completion dates that are out of the control of the builder.

Complaints must be lodged online as below:



Describe the details of your complaint clearly, gather together any documents or other evidence that relates to the complaint.  For example contracts, quotes, photographs as well as dates and times.

It is important to consider what you would like to happen after you have raised the complaint and be prepared to consider all options /outcomes that may be proposed and negotiate accordingly.


As suggested, it is important to raise your concerns directly with them, this could be via email, phone or letter and again, explain the issue clearly and what you would like to happen. If you are making a complaint about the phone, and you are not happy with the initial response please ask to speak with a supervisor.


Always make a note of conversations and keep copies of replies to emails or letters. If you have tried to resolve the matter directly with the member of Master Builders SA and you are still not satisfied then you may lodge your complaint with:


If you have used a Master Builders SA contract, and you wish to instigate the ‘Dispute Conciliation’ clause or ‘Arbitration’ clause under the contract terms, then please complete this form to start the process and to pay the non-refundable appointment fee of $250 (inc. GST).