Apprentice of the Month – February 2023

Trade: Carpentry

Stage of apprenticeship: 4th Year

Commencement date: 01/07/2019

Expected completion date: 30/06/2023

Host Employer: Eastwood Custom Construct

Why did you become an apprentice?

I decided to join the MBA as an apprentice to increase my experience and learn valuable life skills. I believed this role would open up multiple career options for my future 

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship?

What I enjoy most about my apprenticeship is that I’m fortunate enough to work on high end house builds as well as being outside and on new jobs each day

Would you recommend Master Builders SA apprenticeships to others and why?

I would recommend the MBA to anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship as they give you the security and reassurance you expect out of an employer. I also value  how easy and approachable the field coordinators are in regards to any questions or PPE I may need on site.