October 2019

Type of apprenticeship: Carpentry Formwork

Stage of apprenticeship: 1st

Commencement Date: 22/5/19

Expected Completion Date: 23/5/2023

Why did you become an apprentice? May 2019 was when i commenced my apprenticeship with the Master Builders Association. I choose this pathway as i believe it will be a great career and will lead me to many new and different opportunities later on in life. The Master Builders Association were extremely supportive when first signing up as an apprentices.

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship? Being given the opportunity to learn new skills and put them into practice each day. Its very reassuring knowing my host Alex Mckee always encourages me to take my time on set tasks to ensure I understand and get it right the first time.

Would you recommend Master Builders SA apprenticeships to others and why? Yes, I would and I have recommend the Masters Builders Associations to a number of my mates as they are a very supportive and flexible organisation. i really look forward to going to work to learn new things, meet people in different trades and further my development.

Field Coordinator Comments: Joel has shown that with a bit of hard work and the right attitude has earned him recognition and Apprentice of the month for October 2019. Alex McKee from Eastwood Custom Construct said “Joel is on time and punctual, absorbs information well and his skills with tools are coming along really well. I look forward to seeing his skills grow.” Keep up the great work Joel.

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