March 2023

What are the benefits of being a host employer?

“As a Host Employer it is reassuring given the support MBA provides especially from Field Coordinator Doug Corpus.

The MBA Scheme allows flexible employment, training and helps keep my business performing efficiently.

MADD Carpentry is a small Company employing one tradesman, Jared Adamson, recentky completed MBA Apprentice and 3 MBA Apprentices, Gian-Carlo, Angus and Lachlan.

I have been in the industry for 29 years and I also started out as an MBA Apprentice (when it was known as Building Industry Group Training Scheme). I have been a Host Employer with the MBA Apprentices since 2007 and an MBA member for 8 years.

We specialise in first fix carpentry predominantly subcontracting to Oakford Homes and

Construction Services Australia. I hope to see the apprentices complete their training and further their careers in the building industry.”